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shop now Power Your Increase your body’s Omega-3 levels and protect your cells from rusting (oxidation). Experience our Bestseller BalanceOil Kit, which is available in two flavors. Body Within! shop now Hey vegans We haven't forgot you ! Ethically adjust your omega-6:3 level
with marine micro-alge,echium seed,extra vergin olive oil and
vitamin D
shop now The next generation of This ultra-pure molecularly-tested polyphenol omega balance food
Suppliment safely adjust and mantain omega-6:3 balance whie
Protecting cells from rusting (oxidation) and supporting normal brain
funtion, heart function and immune system
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Welcome to Zino Health

We are screening the world market for products inside Food Supplements segment that is not available in the GGC region already. We believe “Guessed based nutrition is gone because Test-Based Nutrition is here”. For too long have too many people spend fortunes on Food Supplements because it was told it was good for them.

Zino Middle East will bring products to the market where we know it is good for humans because we can test it and address it.


Why Choose Us

We are a local trading company with a focus on Test-Based Nutrition.

Our business model will focus on B2C and B2B. With a direct approach to the end user, we believe that our clients quickly will be on a path to a healthier lifestyle.



The Modern World Problem

The agriculture revolution together with processed and refined foods have dramatic increased our consumption of Omega-6. Omega-6 creates inflammation and the new norm is most people live with Chronic diseases in one form or the other.

The BalanceOil from Zinzino will bring your Omega-6:3 Balance back to normal at 3:1 and below. 


Why The Zinzino Balanceoi Formula Works

To gain the Inuit’s freedom from degenerative disease, fish oil is not enough. But if you mix it with virgin olive oil containing oil-soluble polyphenols (thus combining the best of the Inuit and the Mediterranean diets), chronic inflammation is effectively stopped in its traces.


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